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Local Restaurants & Places to Eat around London

Tas Restaurant

33 The Cut, South Bank, London SE1 8LF, UK – 020 7928 2111

Good food but irritatingingly let down like so many places these days with an underhand 12.5%= service charge , if you're charging for food why do you need a service charge? Shame really as I'd have gone back otherwise

I come here from time to time as it's near to my work. Food is delicious, staff are very welcoming and friendly. I like that they are very careful with dietary requirements, and go above and beyond to make sure that I know what I'm eating and don't compromise my dietary needs. They have some very good vegan options in amongst their regular items, Just ask the staff.

Royal Opera House Restaurant

Royal Opera House, Bow St, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9DD, UK – 020 7212 9254

Local espetacular para ver bons espetáculos, regado a bom e sofisticados drinks no coração de Londres.

17:30から空いてるし、メニューは事前にわかる(逆に指定しなければならないですが、事前に辞書を引いてじっくり選べる)し開幕前なのか幕間なのか選べる。味も良いし工夫されたメニューです。サーブする人も良い人ばかり。 但しそれなりのお値段です!なので四つ星。でも五つと迷いました

Browns Old Jewry

8-10 Old Jewry, London EC2R 8DN, UK – 020 7606 6677

It's not a "bad" place but it could be better. Upstairs is really noisy if there are a lot of people so try get a seat downstairs. The food is quite tasty when they get it right but don't be afraid to send the hard as nails well done steak back if you ordered it medium rare originally. The service has always been impeccable.

Nice place, getting a bit tired in places. Staff a bit arrogant. Firstly it's a lovely space, open and airy with a central staircase. Service at the bar was okay, but it was while seated that we were at little disturbed but the table next to us... "Conversing" well, arguing really in quite a loud intrusive way. Typical loud "City types" I thought... But it was actually staff being "trained" in the menu. Other issues included staff shouting across the bar area to each other, and, possibly the most annoying of all, after "giving way" to a waiter on the central staircase, and, in my typical British way, apologising, being glared at! You just got the feeling that it was a nice space, and the staff felt they had customers under sufferance. Actually, although it was clearly a beautiful building, with good decor, it was getting a little tired in places, especially in the gents upstairs. Not much, but faded paint. After walking in the door, and getting a great first impression, we left just a little disappointed.